1.1.0 Release Notes


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  • New Feature
  • Design Changes
  • New Calculation Pages
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“With this update, Rocket Fx also focuses on solving different problems for model rocketry.”

Emre SEZER | President of DUTlab



We synchronized the Mobile and Desktop versions in our 1.0.4 version update, and we kept this them equal in this update. In this update, new calculation pages stand out. Now, 2 new calculation pages related to electronic communication are ready to use. Thus, we focus on solving problems in different subjects, from the design process of model rockets to the flight process. Therefore, we have updated our project promotion articles as we have expanded our project scope. We plan to keep this update on the agenda  to be able to wide beta test to our big update. The 1.1.0 update is the first update we bring to Rocket Fx for our big update that we mentioned in the 1.0.4 update notes. Let’s take a look at what has updated:


New Feature

As you know, there are many parachute shapes on the “Parachute Size” calculation page. We show you the most suitable result by making different calculations for each different parachute shape. We have received feedback from your that you want to calculate different information in the size calculation. When calculating the parachute size, we calculate the base radius and size together in different shape.


Design Changes

With this update, we have divided our increased calculation pages into categories. Thus, we have brought convenience to use by eliminating confusion in usage. Now you will be able to understand more easily which calculation page is at which stage of the model rocket development process and where to start this work.


New Calculation Pages

We launched 2 new calculation pages. Now you will be able to make calculations related to electronic communication with Rocket Fx. These are the “Maximum Transmission Distance” and “Receiving Sensitivity” pages. Thus, you will be able to calculate which equipment you need to use to communicate with your model rocket, or the longest communication distance between the equipment you have and your model rocket.



If there is an innovation that you want, you can reach us from our contact page, our social media accounts, or our address: iletisim@dutlab.com. See you in the next update notes.



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