1.1.1 Release Notes


  • Preface
  • Abstract
  • Bill of Rights
  • More Detailed Calculation Pages
  • Afterword



“Rocket Fx calculation results are more detailed now. In this way, there is no need for an additional process after calculating in Rocket Fx.”

Emre SEZER | President of DUTlab



Update 1.1.1 is one of the updates that Rocket Fx has revised to topics covered in a more detailed and plain language this year. With this updates some background process judicial process is declared. Of course, with these arrangements, the background work necessary for Rocket Fx to work more optimally applications on all platforms was included in the 1.1.1 update, as in every update.


Bill of Rights

The transactions included in the legal processes in the Rocket Fx application have been declared. With the privacy and personal data protection policy, which personal data will be processed for what purpose, with whom and why the processed data can be shared, our data processing method and our legal reasons; The transactions we make, the privacy policy and the transactions related to data security are defined for the Rocket Fx application. For detailed information, you can visit dutlab.com/kullanim-kosullari, dutlab.com/gizlilik-politikasi and dutlab.com/cerez-politikasi.


More Detailed Calculation Pages

In many calculations, instead of a single result, other operations that need to be calculated in order to take action for that result are given along with the calculation results. Thus, efforts were made to improve the user experience of the mathematics processes of Rocket Fx. This update is designed as a update point on the use and interpretation of these processes in future updates.



If there is an innovation that you want, you can reach us from our contact page, our social media accounts, or our address: iletisim@dutlab.com. See you in the next update notes.



Rocket Fx is a DUTlab Project.
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