1.2.0 Release Notes

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“We can calculation many problems in different areas important for rocket construction and mission operation using only Rocket Fx.”

Emre SEZER | President of DUTlab


The 1.2.0 update brings Rocket Fx to us in a more efficient state with a new system we are working on for the 1.2 versions of Rocket Fx. The 1.2.0 update enables open beta testing for the 1.2 versions. After extensive testing with our users on the Android platform, we will continue to develop Rocket Fx in open beta for greater innovations by releasing a larger update for the windows platform and making version 1.2 fully available to our users. We will continue to maintain the Rocket Fx Wiki service for a while. Soon Rocket Fx will be fully available with all features.


More Calculation Pages

In addition to the existing 9 calculation sheets, we have added 2 new calculation sheets to the design phase group and 1 new calculation sheet to the flight phase group. We have also created the “Distance | DV” group with 3 new calculation sheets and the “Ramp” group with 2 new calculation sheets. With these calculation sheets, Rocket Fx can now be used not only for model rockets, but also for orbital and interplanetary rockets. Not to mention repetition, as it can be customized to the conditions of each planet. This means that Rocket Fx can be used for reusable rockets between Earth and Mars.



If there is an innovation that you want, you can reach us from our contact page, our social media accounts, or our address: iletisim@dutlab.com. See you in the next update notes.



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